Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New Commission

I have been quite busy lately so haven't had time to post, until now that is!

I thought I would post a couple of photos of a recent 'Bull Terrier' commission that I made:

And here are a couple of photos of an 'American Bulldog' commission from 2009:

I have added 'Greeting Cards' to my range now as well, they are based on the photographs that I take of the models that I make, and some of the designs are my Mum's Watercolour and Pencil sketch interpretations of my models.


BazookaBonita said...

Hi you made me a wedding topper back in 2009. I miss your creations on ebay. I love the cards but miss adding to my bullie collection. I love your creations, they have their own signature that you can tell they are excellently made xx

Peculiar Pals said...

Thanks Bonita!
I've only just logged on here hence the delay in replying!
Suzanne x